Online session musician

As a studio musician, most of my work is produced online; I work from my home-studio in the southern Parisian suburbs and deliver high-quality tracks tailored to the client's needs.

You can find me on services such as AirGigs or SoundBetter; do not hesitate to reach out for all your cello needs!

Here is a list of my main collaborations:

Sophia Lucia (Chicago, IL - USA)

2019 - Freak Show Acoustic

Production of Sophia's 1st E.P. Free Sample Diet, now available on Bandcamp!

Lo Bellver (Catalonia - Spain)

2019 - Acoustic

Cello on the acoustic cover of "Beating a Dead Horse", off the album Dance Squad.

The Zooeys (Omaha, NE - USA)

2019 - Rock

Layered cello on "Cirque du Soleil".

Olympic Bingo (Adelaide - Australia)

2019 - Jazz-rock

Song based on Albert Camus' 1942 novel L'Etranger; vocals and cello on "La Plage".
The album is entitled Aloof.

Camille Anssel (Nantes - France)

2019 - Pop

Layered cello and bass on "Silence".

LiLi Roquelin (New York City, NY - USA)

2018 - Pop

Cello on the album Be Inspired. Now available on Amazon!
Check out the video documentary here.
© 2018 LiLi Roquelin, VencePro Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

Andrew Laitres (Brattleboro, VT - USA)

2018 - Folk-rock

Cello quartet on the cover of Elton John's "60 Years On", with Nad Sylvan on Vocals and Ruben Wijga on keyboards and orchestral arrangements.

John O'Sullivan (North Cornwall - UK)

2018 - Folk-rock

E.P. "Last Love Song For Adele", layered cello on all tracks.

Champ de Mars (Alexandria, VA - USA)

2018 - Folk-rock

Album Rancho Seco Victory - cello on "Russian River Roulette".

Midnight Stars (USA)

2018 - Acoustic ballad

Collaboration with Swedish-American trio Midnight Stars for the song "The Sign"; string arrangement and layering.

Bar McBerkoe (Migdal HaEmek - Israel)

2018 - Psychedelic rock

Various cello improvisations - single release.

Ivi Mecanovic (Australia)

2018 - Folk / Country

Cello tracks on covers of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" and Chris Young's "Where I Go When I Drink" and "Goodbye".

Matthew Chastney (Devon - England)

2018 - Ambient

Layered strings - Soundtrack works.

The Winter  Tree (Brattleboro, VT - USA)

2018 - Folk

Cello on "The Lake of Innisfree" (musical adaptation of a poem by W. B. Yeats, featuring Nad Sylvan on vocals).

bitter_Panic  (Dayton, OH - USA)

2018 - Ambient / Industrial

Cello on "Regret".

Luke Duffy  (Dublin - Ireland)

2018 - Soundtrack

Cello collaboration - Cover of "Unforgotten" from the Halo 2 Soundtrack.

Where Giants Fall  (Los Angeles, CA - USA)

2018 - Pop-rock

Cello and string layering after an arrangement by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Otan Vargas  (Tondo - Philippines)

2018 - Folk

Cello on "Magulang (Parents)", single release.

Bar McBerko  (Migdal HaEmek - Israel)

2017 - Indie

Cello, additional violin tracks, additional vocals - Album First And A Half.

RayNBrotherhood  (Bangalore, Karnataka - India)

2017 - Soundtrack

Additional strings for the sountrack of the 2018 film David, by Indian studio Kannada.

Arcade Island  (Columbia, MD - USA)

2017 - Alternative rock

Cello on "Reference Frame" - Album Arcade Island.

Blah Kesto  (Dallas, TX - USA)

2017 - Progressive rock

Cello on "Plantkin", "To Get Within The Mind Of The Toad" and "Fork While Fork"; album Celebrity Health Advice.

Karthik Ramalingam  (Simsbury, CT - USA)

2017 - Soundtrack

Cello on the Kaalam film soundtrack.

Cellophane Sam  (Pomona, CA - USA)

2017 - Folk Rock

Cello on "Center of the Storm" - Album Desire.

Frank Vincent Band  (USA)

2017 - Americana

Cello on "I Miss You" - single release.

Cotton  (Connecticut - USA)

2017 - Alt Rock

Cello on "Step up to the Microphone", "Honey Bear", "Angel of Small Noises" - Album What's Next.

Moon Moth  (London - England)

2017 - Progressive rock

Vocals on "Pursuit" and "Zone de Confort", cello on "Zone de confort".

Sealedfortheday  (Australia)

2017 - Christian Rock 

Cello on "One Thing" - EP Psalms.

Spicy Folk  (USA)

2017 - Soul

Cello on "Stand Up" - Group project started on Procollabs.

Rich Will  (Vicenza - Italy)

2017 - Pop

French version (and guide vocals) for "Swapping Places" (Fr: "A Mon Tour").

Beatnik Neon  (Katy, TX - USA)

2016 - Progressive Rock

Cello on "Sephara" - EP Atramentous Pt. II.

thelittlelostco  (Oxford - England)

2016 - Alt Rock

Cello on "some great beautiful newness".

Crows In The Cornfield  (Liverpool - England)

2016 - Rock

Cello on "American Gods", "Your Lightning Will Come", "Resistance Is Futile" and "Wake The Dead" (Various single releases).

Adam Sterling  (Halifax - Canada)

2016 - Folk Rock

Cello on "Colours Bleed" and "Thankful" - EP Love & Loss.

Joe Sibol  (Oakland, CA - USA)

2015 - Rock

Cello on "How Do You Know".

Breeze Music  (Seoul - Republic of Korea)

2015 - Jazz ballad

Cello on "널 그리다"  (English: "Miss You").

Eric Kneifel  (Portland, OR - USA)

2015 - Christian folk

Cello on "Good Shepherd", album No Shadows.

The Kindred  (Maine - USA)

2015 - Folk

Single releases - Cello on "Do You Remember?" and "Brown Birkenstocks". 

PMacTunes  (USA)

2015 - Folk

Cello - cover of "I'm Gonna Love You".

Dave Hanner  (Pittsburgh, PA - USA)

2015 - Folk

Cello on "Carolina Rose"; album where are you now.

John Larson & the Silver Fields  (Rhode Island - USA)

2015 - Americana

Cello on "Reading in the dark", album The Lost Refrain.