Yann Cello Solo

Cellist and composer from Brittany, France.

Yann's latest collaboration:

Tea Time, by le Théâtre des Silences

(Work in progress)

Tea Time is an ode to breaks and pauses of all kinds. Its six characters struggling for time will carry out the exemplary yet irreverent response to the hustle-and-bustle of modern life by having tea together.

When stage director Gwenola Lefeuvre reached out to Yann about her latest creation entitled Tea Time, she already had the main theme all worked out along with most of the arrangement; it was just a matter of time before it could come to life under Yann's bow (and keys!).
The premiere should take place in Nouvoitou, Brittany around September 2020; as of today it is still a work in progress and the company is looking for partners and collaborators.

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Yann's latest solo release:

Cover art - La Maison de Briques. Artwork courtesy of Natacha Mélot

Professeur Y : La Maison de Briques

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