Yann is a classically-trained cellist and composer with a modern twist - ever since he began to play the cello at age five, his interest into modern music never ceased to grow.


After obtaining his diploma with first class honours from the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Intercommunal of Fougères at age sixteen, he started to collaborate with local bands, all the while developing his own musical projects.


Now a full-grown studio musician with an experience which spans more than a hundred songs, Yann pursues his solo work (Professeur Y) and band work (Beatnik Neon, Confuse a Cat, M.Y.L.E., Ethmebb) and regularly contributes to new gigs and performances of all kinds.

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  • (TBA)

🎭 Tea Time!


Tea Time is a gestural play leaning towards

the burlesque, staged by Le Théâtre des Silences,

for which I had the opportunity to write the music.

Le Bocage

(35 - Fr)

  • Oct. 9


🎭 Tea Time!

Auditorium Cresco

(94 - Fr)


  • Oct. 15


🎭 Tea Time!

Théâtre du Cercle

(35 - Fr)


  • Oct. 16


🎭 Tea Time!

Le Sabot d'Or

(35 - Fr)

  • Oct. 22
 🎭 Tea Time!

Centre Henri Quéfellec

(29 - Fr)


  • Oct. 29


📖 Histoires à dormir debout


3 classics of gothic literature

brought to the stage by La

Compagnie des Mille Champs.


(37 -Fr)

  • Nov. 12

🎭 Tea Time!


Les Ondines

(53 - Fr)

  • Dec. 4

🎻On stage w/ Ben Cozik!


Breton folk singer Ben Cozik will be on stage for an

evening of soothing, touching songs and ethereal

melodies in the heart of a charming countryside

town from Brittany.


(35 - Fr)