Solo projects

Although my main body of works consists in studio collaborations, some projects of my own happened to spring and blossom over the years. Here is a (non-comprehensive) list of my artistic endeavours as a solo composer and songwriter:

Professeur Y  - Visuals courtesy of Natacha Mélot

Professeur Y

This project was started in 2013 as a way of telling about my one-year stay in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, and was meant to convey the feelings and thoughts which had been flourishing in my head for a while. 

You can find Professeur Y's first release, La Maison de Brique, on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Catch up with the latest news about Professeur Y on Facebook.

(Visuals courtesy of Natacha Mélot)

Philosophie Machin Truc

Essais, 1,2 Cover art

Founded in 2008 as a high school project (11th grade, junior year!), Kevin and I used the energy and inspiration garnered during long hours sitting in classrooms to write a number of songs, which we eventually released under the name PMT (Philosophie Machin Truc) and performed either in concert or as part of the musicals which Kevin was setting up every year with his company Coup d'Folie.

Although not exactly solo, most of the music and words - as well as the technical aspects such as production, recording and mastering - are my own, which is the reason why it can still be considered a solo project. 

Check out the band's first home-made EP Essais 1, 2, or the video for our single A Contresens Sur l'Autoroute, which we shot in my own bedroom! 

The more recent music by PMT can be found on our Bandcamp page:

Vitry home-studio - Visuals courtesy of Sophie


not-so-solo work...

As a composer, I produced and published various pieces of music, from soundtracks to rock ballads to industrial metal songs. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of my musical releases to date:

* "Judgment Day (2013)", a garage rock song composed for the short film "Vertige" by LMNA Productions.

* "Drôle de Jeunesse" (2014) which was written and composed for the eponymous musical by Coup d'Folie.

* The soundtrack for the short film Net Dating was released in 2014 for LMNA Productions.

* I also published several waltzes for the theremin between 2014 and today, which garnered praise from the likes of Peter Theremin and Coralie Ehinger!

* Micro-Vague Productions hired me for several collaborations on their short films, most notably the soundtrack of 2014's 21h12.

Visual courtesy of Sophie.