As a composer and performer I have partnered with several associations and institutions over time.  This section aims at introducing their work:

Toï Toï Productions

Founded in 2019, Toï Toï is a company which specialises in video production and communication on social networks for advertisers.


As a composer I regularly collaborate with Toï Toï, and provided an original jingle for their series My ADdicted Business.

Théâtre des Silences

Le Théâtre des Silences is a theatre company based in Rennes, Britanny.


I collaborated with them on the soundtrack of their 2020 creation entitled Tea Time.

KRKN Studio

Located South of Paris, KRKN Studio specialises in music and video production.


Aside from being a regular contributor on many of their recording sessions, I trusted KRKN for the mixing and mastering of my solo project Professeur Y.


Known for their unusual blend of progressive metal, heroic fantasy and absurd humour, the French band Ethmebb called on me for the orchestral arrangements on their next album, which as of May 2020 was still in the process of being mixed at KRKN Studio.

Alba Reda Theatre

Since 2018 the Alba Reda Company has endeavoured to blend acting, music and dancing in their live performances all the while blurring the line between the audience and the stage.


Their 2020 audio adaptation of Mayorga's Intensamente Azules (Intensément bleues) was mixed and mastered at my own studio.